Breaking Down Barriers to Level 4-5 Autonomy

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Predictive Models

Imagining the Road Ahead (ITRA)

Procedural Scenarios

Featuring Directable Human-Like NPCs

Safe RL Library

Using Privileged Information Safely

Data Featurization

Multi-agent data from unique views

Data Augmentation

Addressing sim-to-real issues


Open AI Gym, Singularity, and AWS


How and Why Inverted AI Got Started

  • By Morio - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


    A Meeting Of Minds

    Dr. Wood Meets Toyota Execs on a Research Diplomatic Mission from Oxford, UK to Japan. Talk About Using Probabilistic Programming Techniques to Predict Uncertain Human Behavior 3 Seconds Into The Future Dominates Discussions.

  • 2019

    An Audacious Plan

    A Deep Probabilistic Programming World Expert, Dr. Scibior, Rejects Uber and Comes to the University of British Columbia with a Plan to Solve This Problem By Leveraging Efficiencies in the Vancouver and Canadian Ecosystems.

  • 2020

    An Amazing Framework

    A Groundbreaking Novel Industrial Relations Framework Between UBC and Inverted AI is Established

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    A Company Is Born

    Our Research Team And Portfolio Begins to Grow

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Our people make us great.

Adam Ścibior

Chief Technology Officer

Frank Wood

Chief Executive Officer

Michiel van de Panne

Chief Scientific Advisor

The Inverted AI team consists of entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers with proven business track records and world-class deep generative modeling, probabilistic programming, computer vision, and reinforcement learning experience.

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