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Breaking Down Barriers to Level 4-5 Autonomy

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We specialize in contract research, software development, and consulting

Contract Research

Structural advantages allow us to develop world-class IP at a fraction of the usual cost. Let us help you build your IP portfolio.

Software Development

The UBC, Mitacs, Vancouver, Canada ecosystem has allowed us to assemble a cost-efficient, international talent pool.


Our team of advisors, researchers with world-class expertise, are ready to help you identify, frame, and solve your hardest problems.


A selection of licensable IP and software (free for academic research use) developed and under development.

Predictive Modeling

Imagining the Road Ahead (ITRA)

Scenario Programming

Featuring Directable Human-Like NPCs

Efficient AV Training

Using Privileged Information Safely

Data Featurization

Multi-agent data from unique views

Data Augmentation

Addressing sim-to-real issues

Containerized Scaling

Open AI Gym, Singularity, and AWS


How and Why Inverted AI Got Started

  • By Morio - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


    A Meeting Of Minds

    Dr. Wood Meets Toyota Execs on a Research Diplomatic Mission from Oxford, UK to Japan. Talk About Using Probabilistic Programming Techniques to Predict Uncertain Human Behavior 3 Seconds Into The Future Dominates.

  • 2019

    An Audatious Plan

    A Deep Probabilistic Programming World Expert, Dr. Scibior, Rejects Uber and Comes to the University of British Columbia with a Plan to Solve This Problem By Exploiting Efficiencies in the Vancouver and Canadian Ecosystems.

  • 2020

    An Amazing Framework

    A Groundbreaking Novel Industrial Relations Framework Between UBC and Inverted AI is Established

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    A Research Team Is Born

    Our Research Team And Portfolio Begins to Grow

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Our people make us great.

Adam Ścibior


Frank Wood


Michiel van de Panne


The Inverted AI team consists of researchers and engineers with world-class deep generative modeling, probabilistic programming, computer vision, and reinforcement learning experience.

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Inverted AI Ltd. - 400-610 Main St - Vancouver, BC V6A 2V3, Canada - Phone: +16042888103