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Wed May 08 2024

TorchDriveEnv Release

Wed Apr 10 2024

Realistic Object Placement Matters

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Wed Feb 07 2024

TorchDriveSim Release

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Thu Dec 14 2023

Inverted AI Secures Seed Round for Generative AI in AV/ADAS Development

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Fri Nov 24 2023

Lane Meshes or Textures?

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Wed Oct 11 2023

How to easily (almost) win a NeurIPS AV workshop challenge

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Thu May 04 2023

Inverted AI highlighted as one of Vancouver's best generative AI companies

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Thu Apr 06 2023

Weights & Biases shares Inverted AI story

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Thu Oct 27 2022

Trajectory Prediction for Buses and Trucks?

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Fri Sep 16 2022

Inverted AI CEO Dr. Wood speaks at Google research on foundation models including ITRA

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Wed Jun 22 2022

Generating Initial Conditions for Enhanced Scenario Coverage

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Fri Jun 03 2022

Critic as back-seat-driver? Efficiently planning to avoid infractions.

Thu Mar 10 2022

CTO Dr. Adam Scibior Explains Inverted AI's Tech Pipeline to Canada's National Research Council

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Mon Dec 13 2021

Announcing ITRA-1 (aka TITRATED) With 70% Fewer Infractions

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Mon Nov 01 2021

Inverted AI Closes Seed Funding Round

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Sat Jun 19 2021

ITRA wins CVPR Autonomous Driving: Perception, Prediction and Planning Workshop Best Paper Award

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Wed Apr 21 2021

Announcing ITRA-0, the GPT of Behavior.

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